Brux Dental Marketing In-Office Dental Savings Plan Master Class

In Office Dental Savings Plan


Our Master Class gives you everything you need to create a successful and profitable In Office Savings Plan. From determining costs to designing printed materials, this class will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your In Office Savings Plan launched!

Why Create An In Office Savings Plan?

If you're not sure an In Office Savings Plan can bring value to your practice, consider the following:

Practice dentistry the way you want, without letting insurance control your practice.

See more new patients who need dental work because they have avoided the dentist while without dental insurance.

Get existing patients to say YES to treatment they have put off by offering them discounts on their dental work.

What You'll Get

Creating Your Plan

Our Master Class walks you through everything you will need to know to get your In Office Savings Plan set-up, including:

  • Determining Pricing & Discounts
  • Establishing Terms & Conditions
  • Designing Printed Materials
  • Online Ordering & Payment
  • Making Renewals Easy

Tracking Your Plan

Offices that have a successful In Office Savings Plan in place report higher production, more new patients, and a reduced number of patients leaving the practice. Our Master Class gives you the blueprint for tracking the key metrics to see the successes your In Office Savings Plan is bringing to the practice.

How It Works

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Follow along with our Master Class to map out your path to success with an In Office Savings Plan.
Practice dentistry the way YOU want, providing the best care for your patients, and earning more for your practice.

Who Is This For?

An In Office Savings Plan allows you to take control of your practice instead of letting Insurance Companies dictate your fees and payments.

Looking to grow your patient base? An In Office Savings Plan can help you acquire new patients who are in need of dental work.

Be the hero of your practice by increasing production, eliminating patients leaving the practice, and generating loads of new patients.

Why You Need An In Office Savings Plan

If You’re a Dentist…

The process of creating an In Office Savings Plan can seem overwhelming. Many doctors get caught in the how’s and what if’s, which prevents them from ever moving forward to creating a Plan.

This program is designed to help you create an In Office Savings Plan that works for your practice, allowing you to practice dentistry the way you want.

Stop letting the insurance companies dictate the services you can provide to your patients.

Implementing an In Office Savings Plan helps your practice:

  • Get patients to commit to more treatment without worrying about insurance coverage like maximums and deductibles.
  • Creates patient loyalty to use your practice a their dental office of choice.
  • Acquire new patients who may have avoided your office because they don’t have dental insurance.

We will help you overcome any hurdles that stand in the way of you implementing an In Office Savings Plan because we believe in the success that this can bring to your practice. 

If You’re a Marketing Director…

Many people avoid the dentist because they think they can’t afford it without dental insurance. An In Office Savings Plan gives access to dental care to an entire population of people who need services from an awesome dental office like yours. 

Many of your existing patients have put off doing treatment because of costs. Implementing an In Office Savings Plan will help these people say YES to treatment. 

Implementing an In Office Savings Plan helps your job as a Marketing Director by:

  • Creating an easy to market, high value and low cost price point for new patients. 
  • Establishing a discounted offer for existing patients to complete treatment which can be used in direct mail and email campaigns.
  • Eliminates patients leaving the practice, affecting your statistics on patient attrition. 

Be the hero of your practice by implementing a successful In Office Savings Plan to drive production and new patients to all-time highs! 


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