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Leveraging Reviews to Help Your Practice

If you’ve been implementing some suggestions from previous blog articles, hopefully, you have a wealth of positive reviews on Google. Stop for a second and congratulate yourself, as this is something to be proud of.

Your reviews are your reputation, both in the community and online, and a good reputation is hard-earned. Now let’s dig in to what you can do to leverage these reviews to grow your business.

Most website management platforms have a plug-in that allows you to display Google reviews on your site. The best plug-ins allow you to filter these reviews to only display the 4 and 5 star reviews.

Implement this now, it is easy and effective in drawing attention to your Google reviews even after someone has left your initial listing and landed on your webpage.

Despite popular belief, a good mailer can still be effective to generate new patients. The mailer will be even more effective with a review from an actual patient on it. Again, find a review that pertains to whatever you are advertising on the mailer.

Doing an ortho mailer? Post a review from a patient talking about their experience in ortho in your office. For bonus points, have the patient sign a waiver allowing you to include their before and after photos. Take that Smile Direct Club!

Post your positive reviews around your office in a tasteful fashion. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn here, especially if you post some of these reviews in the reception area where new patients will fill out their paperwork. Reading these reviews will set their expectation high that they will have a great visit, and (hopefully) lessen the chance that the first thing they say to you isn’t “I hate the dentist.”

How are you using your reviews to help your business grow? Tell us about it!

Leveraging Reviews to Help Your Practice

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